Bear Elective 12: Nature Crafts

Nature is a fun world to get to know. When you go on a hike with a group in the woods, watch for animal tracks. Look at the trees and see how many you can name. If you look carefully, you will see that the rocks are many shapes, sizes, and colors.

12a – Make solar prints of three kinds of leaves.

12b – Make a display of eight different animal tracks with an eraser print.

12c – Collect, press, and label ten kinds of leaves.

12d – Build a waterscope and identify five types of water life.

12e – Collect eight kinds of plant seeds and label them.

12f – Collect, mount, and label ten kinds of rocks or minerals.

12g – Collect, mount, and label five


Related achievements, electives, or other awards

  • This elective is part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award (see page 282)
  • 12f – Geology Pin requirements #2, #3, or #4