Bear Achievement 18: Jot It Down

Writing is one of the most important things humankind has learned to do. Writing lets us send messages to faraway places, make a lasting record of things we want to remember, and read what others have done or thought in the past. Being able to write clearly is a useful and satisfying skill.

(Bear handbook page 140)
Bear Trail – Self
Do requirement h and four other requirements

18a –  Make a list of the things you want to do today. Check them off when you have done them.

18b –  Write two letters to relatives or friends.

18c –  Keep a daily record of your activities for 2 weeks.

18d –   Write an invitation to someone.

18e –   Write a thank-you note.

18f –  Write a story about something you have done with your family.

18g –  Write about the activities in your den.

18h –  Complete the Character Connection for Honesty.

Know:  Tell what made it difficult to be clear and accurate as you wrote details and kept records, and tell what could tempt you to write something that was not exactly true.  Define honesty.

Commit:  Tell why it is important to be honest and trustworthy with yourself and with others.  Imagine you had reported something inaccurately and tell how you could set the record straight.  Give reasons that honest reporting will earn the trust of others.

Practice:  While doing the requirements for this achievement, be honest when you are writing about real events.


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