Bear Elective 23: Maps

When explorers scout a new land, they make maps to show others what they find. Maps mean adventure, excitement, and imaginary trips. They are also useful for exploring your town and state.

(Bear handbook page 270)

23a – Look up your state on a U.S. map. What other states touch its borders?

23b – Find your city or town on a map of your state. How far do you live from the state capital?

23c – In which time zone do you live? How many time zones are there in the United States?

23d – Make a map showing the route from your home to your school or den meeting place.

23e – Mark a map showing the way to a place you would like to visit that is at least 50 miles from your home.


Related achievements, electives, or other awards

  • 23d. could be partially met while completing Cub Scout Geography Belt Loop requirement #1 or Cub Scout Map and Compass Belt Loop requirement #3